21 Best Daily Newsletters To Subscribe in 2023 (Ranking)

Welcome to the digital age, where information flows abundantly and keeping up with the latest trends and news can be a challenge. In a world saturated with social media feeds and endless web content, sometimes all you need is a curated selection of valuable insights delivered straight to your inbox. That’s where daily newsletters come in, offering a convenient way to stay informed, inspired, and connected to the topics that matter most to you.

In this blog post, we have handpicked the best daily newsletters you need to read in 2023. From cutting-edge technology advancements to thought-provoking analysis, industry updates, and beyond, these newsletters are the ultimate go-to resources for staying ahead of the curve. So, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and let us guide you through the top daily newsletters that will undoubtedly enrich your inbox and keep you well-informed in the year ahead.

1. 1440 Daily

1440 Daily is a comprehensive and unbiased newsletter that provides readers with a curated selection of news from various domains such as culture, science, sports, politics, business, and more. With a commitment to delivering a balanced perspective, this newsletter scours over 100 sources, saving readers the time and effort of sifting through numerous articles themselves.

Every morning, the team behind 1440 Daily meticulously reviews headlines, stories, and sources to ensure that the content is free from bias. Unlike algorithm-driven news platforms, the curation process is carried out by human editors who carefully select and present the most relevant and trustworthy information to subscribers.

In just a five-minute read, 1440 Daily offers a comprehensive overview of the day’s most important news, allowing readers to stay well-informed without spending excessive time on information consumption. By providing a diverse range of topics and a commitment to delivering unbiased content, 1440 Daily empowers readers to form their own opinions and gain a more nuanced understanding of current events.

Join here (free): 1440 Daily

3. Smartr Daily

Smartr Daily is a straightforward and enlightening newsletter that provides a daily dose of wisdom to its readers. With a focus on sourcing the most intelligent and thought-provoking articles from across the web, this newsletter delivers valuable ideas and insights directly to your inbox.

Designed to be simple yet impactful, Smartr Daily offers a curated selection of articles that are meant to inspire and stimulate your thinking. By handpicking the smartest content available, the newsletter ensures that subscribers receive a continuous stream of high-quality information and perspectives.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, professional development, or simply a broader understanding of the world, Smartr Daily delivers a wide range of topics that cater to various interests. From innovative ideas to deep philosophical concepts, the newsletter brings together diverse insights to fuel intellectual curiosity and provoke meaningful reflection.

Joine here (free): Smartr Daily

3. Morning Brew Daily

Morning Brew is a popular and free daily newsletter that aims to make reading the news an enjoyable experience while keeping subscribers informed and entertained. With over 4,500,000 subscribers, it has garnered a large and dedicated following.

Delivered straight to your inbox, Morning Brew provides need-to-know information in a format that is both concise and engaging. In just five minutes, readers can access a curated selection of news stories, enabling them to stay up to date on the latest happenings across various industries and sectors.

What sets Morning Brew apart is its unique approach to delivering news. The newsletter strives to make the process of consuming information more enjoyable, offering a fresh and lighthearted perspective on current events. By infusing a touch of entertainment and relatability into their content, Morning Brew aims to captivate and engage readers in a way they may not have realized they needed.

Join here (free): Morning Brew

4. The Future Party Daily

The Future Party is a newsletter that offers valuable insights on entertainment, media, and pop culture each, with a specific focus on the news and trends that shape the future of business. With a large and growing readership of over 200,000 daily readers, this newsletter provides a platform for individuals seeking to stay informed and ahead of the curve.

Delivered regularly and at no cost to subscribers, The Future Party serves as a valuable resource for those interested in understanding the evolving landscape of entertainment, media, technology and culture. By providing the latest news, trends, and analyses, the newsletter equips readers with the knowledge to navigate the ever-changing business landscape successfully.

Whether you’re an industry professional, an entrepreneur, or simply someone passionate about the intersection of entertainment, media, and culture, The Future Party offers a curated selection of content that helps you stay informed and connected. By exploring emerging trends, transformative technologies, and influential developments, this newsletter provides valuable insights to shape your understanding and decision-making.

Join The Future Party and become part of a community of individuals who share a common interest in the future of business. With its free and accessible nature, this newsletter ensures that you stay in the know about the latest news and trends in entertainment, media, and culture, enabling you to anticipate and capitalize on future opportunities.

Join here (free): The Future Party

5. Refind Daily

Refind Daily is an innovative newsletter that will use artificial intelligence to tailor content to your interests! Something like this hasn’t been done before. All you have to do is join their newsletter, tag a few categories, and the artificial intelligence itself will select the most interesting topics personalized especially for you. Try it yourself and find out now!

Sign up form (free): Refind

6. theSkimm Daily

The Skimm Daily newsletter is a popular email newsletter that provides a concise summary of the day’s top news stories, inspiring articles and events. It was founded in 2012 by Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg with the goal of making it easier for busy individuals to stay informed about current events.

Each edition of theSkimm typically covers a range of topics, including politics, world news, business, technology, entertainment, and more. The newsletter presents the daily news in a conversational and engaging manner, using a tone that is accessible to a wide audience.

Sign up form (free): theSkimm

7. The Daily Upside

The Daily Upside is a comprehensive and insightful newsletter that goes beyond mere news delivery. It offers subscribers a daily email packed with essential and captivating stories from the world of business. This valuable resource provides a deeper understanding of key events, trends, and developments shaping the business landscape.

Unlike traditional news sources, The Daily Upside aims to provide more than just headlines. It delivers insightful analysis and meaningful insights, allowing readers to gain a broader perspective on business matters. By highlighting the most important and engaging stories, this newsletter ensures that readers stay well-informed and equipped with the knowledge necessary to navigate the ever-changing business world.

Sign up form (free): The Daily Upside

8. Brain Pickings Daily

The Brain Pickings Daily newsletter is a well-known and highly regarded email newsletter created by Maria Popova. It offers a unique blend of literature, science, philosophy, art, and other subjects, combining them into insightful and thought-provoking articles.

Maria Popova, the founder and editor of Brain Pickings, started the newsletter in 2006 as a personal project to share interesting ideas and discoveries from various fields. Over time, it has grown into a widely respected publication with a dedicated following.

9. The Morning Daily

With over 17 million subscribers, The Morning is the world’s largest personal finance newsletter. Despite its size, it maintains a personal touch by appointing David Leonhardt as its “host and anchor” in early 2020. This departure from the norm of emphasizing the institution’s editorial positions ensures a focus on Leonhardt’s insightful reporting, keeping readers well-informed in a concise and digestible manner. While it may lack some of the whimsy of smaller newsletters, The Morning compensates with its authority and broad coverage, ensuring readers never miss the most important stories of the day.

10. Tangle Daily

Tangle is a politics newsletter that operates independently and remains non-partisan. Its primary goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of current news by summarizing the most compelling arguments from various political perspectives. By featuring a wide range of viewpoints, Tangle offers readers a nuanced and balanced perspective on important issues.

This approach encourages critical thinking and fosters a deeper understanding of complex political topics. With its commitment to independence and non-partisanship, Tangle serves as a valuable resource for those seeking well-rounded and informed discussions on the latest news and events.

11. The 19th Daily

The 19th Daily newsletter is a valuable resource that provides a concise and informative briefing on gender, politics, personal finance, personal growth and policy news. It offers a comprehensive update on various topics. This daily newsletter is delivered directly to your inbox from Monday to Friday, ensuring you stay up to date with the most relevant and timely information.

By subscribing to The 19th Daily, you can expect to receive insightful analysis, news story and coverage of the intersection of gender, politics, and policy. The newsletter offers a platform to explore progressive strides made by diverse communities, shedding light on their experiences, challenges, and achievements. With a commitment to providing a well-rounded perspective, The 19th Daily empowers readers to stay connected, informed, and engaged with the ongoing dialogue surrounding current events and societal progress.

12. 3-2-1 by James Clear Daily

The 3-2-1 Newsletter has gained widespread popularity and boasts a substantial readership, with over 2,000,000 people eagerly anticipating its arrival every Thursday. This highly anticipated weekly issue features a carefully curated collection of valuable insights. Within each newsletter, you will find three succinct and thought-provoking ideas shared directly by the author, providing readers with actionable takeaways.

In addition to the author’s ideas, the 3-2-1 Newsletter includes two thought-provoking quotes from notable individuals, contributing diverse perspectives and wisdom to further enrich the reader’s experience. These quotes offer glimpses into the minds of influential thinkers, sparking contemplation and reflection.

13. The Assist Daily

The Assist Daily is a game-changing newsletter designed to help you become a better professional, all in just five minutes. This free email newsletter serves as your shortcut to success, providing valuable insights and helpful resources to enhance your professional growth and development.

With The Assist Daily, you no longer have to sacrifice enjoyment for self-improvement. This newsletter offers a refreshing and enjoyable approach to becoming a better professional. Packed with practical tips, expert advice, and relevant industry news, it delivers the information you need in a concise and engaging format.

Whether you’re looking to boost your productivity, improve your communication skills, stay updated on the latest trends in your field, or gain valuable, career advice and insights, The Assist Daily has got you covered. Each issue is thoughtfully curated to provide actionable content that you can immediately apply to your work life.

14. NPR Life Kit Daily

NPR Life Kit Daily newsletter is a popular email newsletter provided by National Public Radio (NPR). NPR is a well-known media organization in the United States that produces and distributes news, radio programming, podcasts, and digital content on a wide range of topics.

The Life Kit Daily newsletter focuses on providing practical advice, tips, and insights for various aspects of life. It covers topics such as health, relationships, parenting, personal finance, and more. The newsletter aims to offer helpful guidance and actionable information to improve different aspects of listeners’ and readers’ lives.

15. Ground News Daily

Ground News Daily newsletter is an email newsletter provided by Ground News, a news comparison platform. Ground News aims to address the issue of media bias and provide internet users with a comprehensive view of news stories by comparing coverage from different sources across the political spectrum.

This top daily newsletter delivers a curated selection of news stories from various sources, showcasing different perspectives and political leanings. It offers a range of news topics, including politics, current events, business, technology, and more.

16. The Daily Digest

The Daily Digest newsletter is an email newsletter provided by ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit news organization known for its investigative journalism. This newsletter delivers a daily summary of ProPublica’s most notable stories and investigations directly to subscribers’ inboxes.

This newsletter covers a wide range of topics, including politics, government accountability, business, health, education, and more. The Daily Digest newsletter ensures that subscribers stay informed about the latest investigations, breaking news, and important stories published by ProPublica.

17. The Goodnewsletter Daily

The Goodnewsletter Daily is a heartwarming and uplifting newsletter that aims to bring a dose of positivity to your inbox. In a world filled with challenges and negativity, this newsletter seeks out the good news stories that often go unnoticed, ensuring that you have a few reasons always to be hopeful and inspired.

By curating stories of progress, inspirational helpers, and reasons to remain optimistic, The Goodnewsletter Daily provides a daily source of positivity and motivation. It serves as a reminder that there are countless individuals and initiatives making a positive impact on the world.

In a simple and accessible format, The Goodnewsletter Daily delivers a regular stream of inspiring content that restores faith in humanity. It reminds us that amidst the challenges we face, there are dedicated individuals and collective efforts that are making a difference and shaping a brighter future.

18. 5 Smart Reads Daily

5 Smart Reads Daily newsletter is a curated email newsletter that delivers a selection of insightful and intellectually stimulating articles to its subscribers. As the name suggests, the newsletter typically features five thought-provoking reads each day.

The content of the “5 Smart Reads Daily” newsletter covers a wide range of topics, including science, technology, culture, politics, and more. The goal is to provide readers with a collection of well-written and best articles that encourage critical thinking and expand their knowledge across various subjects.

19. The Bloom Daily

The Bloom Daily is a transformative newsletter that focuses on social impact and offers valuable insights for personal and professional development. With its meaningful content delivered directly to your inbox, this newsletter aims to empower individuals to make a positive difference in the world.

Covering a wide range of topics related to social impact, The Bloom Daily provides readers with inspiration, guidance, and practical advice. From personal growth and well-being to professional development and making a difference in society, this newsletter offers a holistic approach to empower individuals on their journey of positive change.

By highlighting stories of social impact and showcasing the work of change-makers, The Bloom Daily serves as a source of motivation and encouragement. It seeks to inspire readers to take meaningful action and contribute to creating a better world.

20. Robinhood Snacks Daily

Robinhood Snacks Daily newsletter is an email newsletter offered by Robinhood, a popular investment and trading platform. The newsletter aims to deliver concise and engaging financial news and insights to its subscribers.

The content of the Robinhood Snacks Daily newsletter typically covers a wide range of financial topics, including market updates, notable stock movements, economic trends, and relevant news stories. The newsletter provides a snapshot of the most important financial news of the day in a straightforward and accessible manner.

21. A Thing or Two Daily

A Thing or Two Daily is an intriguing and captivating newsletter that delivers a handpicked selection of ten exciting finds each week, guaranteed to enhance your Mondays. This cultish newsletter ensures that its content is always unexpected, offering a unique and perhaps slightly eccentric experience for its readers.

With a wide range of topics covered, A Thing or Two Daily introduces you to captivating discoveries spanning various areas of interest. From mouthwatering recipes to captivating books and innovative beauty products, the weekly newsletter brings forth an eclectic mix of recommendations that promise to add value and excitement to your week.

By subscribing to A Thing or Two Daily, you can anticipate a regular dose of the unconventional and the fascinating. Embracing the unexpected, this newsletter aims to surprise and delight its readers, introducing them to intriguing and lesser-known gems that may be a little outside the mainstream.


What criteria were used to determine the ranking of the best daily newsletters?

The ranking of the best daily and weekly newsletters, was determined based on several factors, including the quality and reliability of the content, the frequency and consistency of updates, the breadth and depth of coverage, the reputation and credibility of the sources, and the overall user experience and satisfaction.

Are these newsletters free to subscribe to?

The majority of the newsletters on the list offer free subscription options. However, some newsletters may have a premium subscription, or paid subscription tiers that offer additional features or exclusive content. The article provides information on the subscription options for each newsletter.

Do these newsletters cover specific topics or have a general focus?

The selected newsletters cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to politics, business, technology, culture, health, lifestyle, and personal development. Some newsletters may have a specific niche focus, while others provide a more general overview of the news.

Is it worth subscribing to daily newsletters?

Yes, subscribing to daily newsletters is worth it. Daily newsletters provide a convenient and time-saving way to stay informed about current events, industry trends, and topics of interest. They curate and deliver relevant content directly to your inbox, saving you the effort of searching for news from multiple sources. With curated insights, expert analysis, and personalized content, daily newsletters offer a valuable resource to enhance your knowledge and keep you up to date with the latest information.


In conclusion, staying informed and connected with the world has never been easier or more enjoyable thanks to the wide array of exceptional daily newsletters available in 2023. From the in-depth analysis of The Morning to the unbiased reporting of 1440 Daily, and the thought-provoking ideas of Smartr Daily, there is a newsletter to suit every interest and preference.

Whether you’re seeking the latest updates on business trends, curated insights on gender and politics, a dose of wisdom, or a source of positive news, the 21 best daily newsletters listed in this ranking have got you covered. Each newsletter offers its unique perspective, ensuring that you can tailor your daily news consumption to align with your interests and goals.

By subscribing to these newsletters, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge, diverse viewpoints, and captivating stories—all conveniently delivered straight to your inbox. You can begin your day with a curated selection of news and insights that keep you informed, inspired, and engaged.

So, take a moment to explore the variety of daily and weekly newsletters we presented in this ranking, and consider subscribing to those that resonate with you. Embrace the power of daily newsletters to enhance your understanding, expand your horizons, and make the most of your valuable time. Stay informed, connected, and inspired as you embark on a journey of knowledge and growth with these 21 best daily newsletters in 2023.

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